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2011 Chery J3 Review

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Please do not buy this car. I was one of the first people to buy a Chery J3 in 2012 and I was truly excited when I got it.

Unfortunately it has been nothing but trouble and Chery/dealers do not care because they plan to stop selling cars in Australia. Since purchase the following has failed on my J3. Power steering pump, alternator, starter motor, timing belt, water pump and the headlight bulbs six times at only 86,000 km. It requires a new timing belt every 60,000 km (costs $600) and I have found it very expensive to service. Reliability is non existent.

Since 2012 it has had consistent problems starting in the mornings when its cold which is unbelievable in 2015! One of the biggest problems that I have faced is that not many mechanics understand how to work on a Chery and so it can cost you some dreadful prices in labour.

The ride handling is extremely poor and all parts of the interior are extremely cheap and not very durable. Leather seats fall apart, seat belt buckles crack and door handles fall off. It comes with 100 000 km or 3 year warranty but it really needs to be a 5 year warranty given how poorly it has been built.

The very fact that within one year of having the car they recalled it so they could remove parts made from asbestos should be a huge warning signal on its own. Please do not buy this car, spare yourself my heartbreak.

I paid $10,000 after trade in for mine in 2012 but to date would have spent close to $3000 on repairs and servicing alone.