Owner Review

2011 CHERY J1

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Bought this car in late September 2011. Was a proud happy owner extolling the virtues of my lovely new little car. Six weeks later back to service centre, Clutch / gearbox jamming.
About every six weeks new and recurring problems. Clutch / gearbox jamming again. Faulty brakes, mechanism replaced now the front wheels are not coated black in brake dust. Complete system failure in traffic - Dead. back to service centre, died on the way home. Towing again. Dead again. back for repairs, radio assembly replaced twice still faulty.Electrical system failure, get locked in car and have to bang and wrestle doors to get out. brakes still juddery. Steering wheel now has noticeable vibration. Car has been back at least six times for major problems.
Thinking about a Chery J1 BUY SOMETHING ELSE