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2011 Audi A4 2.0 TDI Review

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I've owned the 2011 A4 B8 2.0 TDi since October 2013. When I bought it it had 22,000km which was a major selling point for me. Prior to purchasing it I test drove a 2011 BMW 328i and a 2009 Mercedes C200 Kompressor. The BMW I didn't like all that much due to its heavy steering and slightly boring interior, I did however like the GPS unit, and the bi-xenon headlights.

The Mercedes on the other hand was a pleasure to drive. It had all the technology that I needed, and wanted with its GPS, sunroof etc. The turn down point for it was that it didn't have great fuel economy sitting around the 9.5L/100km and it had almost 80,000km and the only reason I was in the market for a new car was due to my previous car clocking up 100,000km. So at this point I turned to the A4.

I originally didn't like it because of its head turning Brilliant Red colour, but after test driving it I couldn't say no. The engine was relatively ballsy with its 105w/320nm Torque engine, and I was surprised that I enjoyed the CVT Transmission considering previous CVT's I had driven were quite loud, and revved high to get any power out of them. So I signed the paperwork that day and picked up my new car the following.

I loved that it had bi-xenon headlight with its attractive eyeliner DRL's, Electric Drivers seat with electric Lumbar Support for the Driver and Passenger, multi-zone climate control, and a seemingly easy control unit once you get used to where all the menus are and what they do.

Initially I couldn't get the average fuel economy under the 7.5L/100km with my mix of motorway and town driving for my daily commute to work, so I was a bit disappointed as its claimed economy was 5.8L/100km.

After about a month I got used to driving the CVT economically and now after 18 months of ownership I average about 6.2L/100km getting anywhere between 950-1020km to a tank. Riding on 18' 5 Spoke S Line alloys the ride is surprisingly smooth, however I was used to riding on 18" low profiles on the CJ Lancer VRX (precious car) which are far from enjoyable.

I find the A4 very comfortable to endure long trips in which i have done a couple of 3-6hour road trips in it and don't feel the need to pull over every hour or two to stretch my legs. The seats are comfortable both in the front and back, and backseat passengers never complain of leg room.

The boot has a lot of room and would fit a pram in it along with the weeks worth of groceries fine. The boot opening however isn't all that large and can prove difficult if wanting to transfer a long and somewhat high object with the back seats folded down. Road noise is next to none even with 18" alloys, and there is also little engine noise.

The CVT can be a bit jerky in stop start city traffic, and in reverse when reversing up a driveway with a slight incline. Parts and Servicing can be a bit pricey as well, having hit a gutter and ruining a bearing, which turned out to be a $1200 exercise prior to labour I'm hoping I don't have any more run ins with gutters. Overall its a great vehicle, improved fuel economy from my last vehicle, a pleasure to drive.