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2010 Volkswagen Polo 6 TDI Comfortline Review

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Disgusted in VW, the exhaust temperature sensor is buggered in a four year old car, VW not willing to assist under goodwill policy as wait for it, we had extended warranty which doesn't cover the sensor.

McGrath VW at Liverpool are no better than VW. VW are not willing to assist customers now we have to go through the trouble of going to court over a matter which should have been fixed under goodwill by VW.

They have had recalls for other models with the same problem. Buyer Beware and don't waste money getting the extended warranty as it gives VW a way out of fulling its customer service. It is a disgrace that VW Australia can use extended warranty as a way out.

If we didn't have the warranty they were willing to pay for the buggered sensor. Where are consumer rights. This car has been owned by one owner brought new. The servicing is expensive. The call center for assistance by VW is pathetic and are not willing to assist if the matter is outside their scripted responses.

The engine is a 1.6 and can get up to speed after a while. The transmission is standard and nothing special in comparison to similar models of other makes and models. The best improvement could come from cheaper servicing, cheaper parts, and by honoring Australian Consumer Law.

McGrath refuse to give the vehicle back to the owner without payment for a warranty which is covered under consumer law. The part should last a minimum of ten years one would think. Buyer beware, it will be all sell, sell, sell, but nothing in return if something goes wrong.