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2010 Toyota Corolla Conquest Review

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This was my first Toyota of any type and I was curious when I purchased it to find out what the attraction was. I was aware of their reputation and how popular they were but what would my ownership experience be like?

After five years I can say that what is does well is that it does nothing badly. BUT I never formed a 'bond' with the car nor did it make me want to buy another one. I have now gone to a more emotive vehicle.

Reliability was pretty good, the only issues were minor, such as radio needing replacement. My major gripe was that after a couple of years it felt loose and had a fair collection of rattles. The interior held up pretty well, however the drivers seat did wear pretty quickly.

I originally bought it as a general run around with the aim of owning it for 7-8 years, but whilst I appreciate a car should just be a mode of transport I have to say I wasn't sad to see it go.

I liked the capped price servicing at $130 odd, but it was every six months and after the 3 year period that $130 service went up in price a lot, particularly when you have to do it twice a year. I do believe that Toyota has since extended the capped price servicing so that is a bonus.

I like the manual, it was light and easy to drive, I know automatics are all the rage but modern manuals in small cars are really no effort. I did however find the drivetrain fairly noisy and but turning the radio up solved that problem.

The seating area was pretty roomy and the seats are reasonable comfortable but I didn't find them comfortable on long drives.

Fuel economy was very consistent irrespective of the type of driving.

The score probably doesn't reflect the effectiveness of the vehicle but (and it's probably just me) I just never formed an attraction to the car. Yes it did the job and for that it was effective BUT it sure didn't tug at the emotive side of things.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how my next car goes.