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2010 Suzuki Kizashi Xl Review

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I've been a fan of Suzuki cars for a long time. I owned a 'badge engineered' Suzuki Swift (Holden Barina) 1986 model. That started my admiration for these well made cars. I bought my 2010 Kizashi in late 2012. It's a beautiful car. Does everything perfectly well. I do find it difficult matching the fuel economy figures given in all the reviews I've read. Mine are inevitably substantially better! In my mixed driving range I will constantly achieve figures in the low 7's.

Country driving yields mid to high 6's. Whilst I don't press the car, I don't drive below the legal limits and I drive sensibly but not in a stodgy fashion so these figures, for me, are exceptional. This is, after all, a consistent close to 40mpg (showing my age here) for a car that has an engine of substantial size and power. Back in the days of 'old technology', a car with an engine this size would not be expected to do better than say 24 mpg or roughly 10l/100k.

There are a tremendous number of pros for this car. The only con? Try changing the headlight on the passenger side of the car without having a complete meltdown! Other than this, I would highly recommend the car. Servicing costs otherwise would be average for this year of build.

I would absolutely love a model above my XL because of the features inbuilt into the newer versions but that's for another day and a few more dollars. Value for money excellent. Fun to drive top marks. Safety and handling top marks. Durability yet to be seen but I got 425,000 k's out of my Swift. Let's see if the new gen Suzukis can match that. Would I buy another one? Already planning it.