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2010 Suzuki Alto GL Review

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I bought this car as a second car for my wife to drive and since my wife had trouble learning the manual transmission I wanted a cheap automatic vehicle that had the 5* safety rating.

I bought it new and even though it was registered as the GL I have noticed it has all the features of the GLX except for the alloy rims.

The only extra I got on the vehicle was bluetooth but it doesn't connect music audio like my other car did, only just the phone audio when making a call.

For a small car it has decent leg room adjustment for the driver which was good for me as I'm tall. Though with the seat back only a child will have leg space enough to sit behind the driver.

It only has two seats in the back but we've never needed more seats as we are a single child family. The rear seats do have good child seat hooks in the vehicle.

The boot is small but we were still able to fit a pram in there. Not the big prams of course.

I find it a pleasure to drive, it doesn't have the power of my other car but I've never had an issue keeping up with traffic. After driving this car my other car seems luxurious to drive. But I would still choose this car to drive for small trips as its easier to get around in traffic and very easy to park. I've gotten in and out of spaces that no other car could.

I know Suzuki recommends 95 octane fuel to get the best fuel economy/ efficiency but I tested the vehicle on all the unleaded fuels and have found that in both my cars I get more kms per tank on the E10 fuel. On average it's about $35 to fill the tank and I'll get about 450km before the fuel light comes on.

The biggest down side of the car is that other drivers don't respect you, especially people in SUV's or 4WD. It seems like if you are over taking them or are in front of them they get this attitude that they have to be in front of you and will almost run you off the road to achieve this. Also I've had more people open their car doors agressively and dent my car in car parks than any other car I've owned, many times while I've been in the car and caught them red handed. (But this could be more because of the community I live in. I don't want to come across as racist so I won't be more specific than that. )

The other thing is that I have found it impossible to get a repair manual for this car as I like to do my own services. But the car is pretty basic and so far I have gotten away without one.