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  • Great engine with the AWD train
  • Looks are polarising/devisive

by David English

Being a longstanding Subaru owner of both normally aspirated and turbo models and having owned the previous generation Liberty GT Spec B, I have owned a current 5th Gen Liberty GT Premium Auto Sedan, purchased from new since Jun 2010.

I have found that the vehicle has met all my expectations in the following areas:

Performance & Economy: Benchmarking against the Spec B and with 50,000 kms clocked since 2010, I have been very satisfied with this engine. The repositioning of the turbocharger and enhancements to its power has made for a beautifully balanced engine during both cruise and on demand acceleration. Whilst it does not appear to have quite the same note/throb at idle as that of the Spec B, it has been a better engine in every respect.

I have used 98 RON rather than the mandated 95 RON mostly from new, which appears to have slightly enhanced the established fuel economy figures for this model. I have maintained vehicle factory logbook servicing away from the dealership following its first service, with no issues encountered. The transmission carries out its job as intended both in auto and paddle shift modes with no fuss.

Cabin Space & Comfort: A vast improvement in this area over the Spec B. Particularly over long trips where the extra cabin width and space around the driver/passengers has translated to being less fatigued. Rear seat legroom behind the driver (I am 5′ 8″) is comparable to Commodore/Falcon spec.

Technology/Connectivity: Whilst is does not possess the latest goodies commensurate with the smartphone era it has served me well in terms of its seamless Bluetooth phone connectivity/use, voice command and integrated Sat Nav functions. Its dusk sensing light and wipers have been useful and the MacIntosh unit, whilst this could have done with a CD stacker rather than a single disk unit, has served me well for someone who is not an audiophile.

Price and Features: At 2010 prices new drive away with a factory body kit, rear exhaust/side skirts and front Sti lip spoiler it has ticked the boxes for me. Looks are subjective however I personally find it to be a well proportioned striking vehicle from most angles except the straight on rear view and slabby sides where the boot lip spoiler, exhaust/side skirts make these areas a bit easier on the eye. After 4 years it does nor seem to have markedly aged in terms of its interior/exterior appearance in my eyes, as opposed to some other vehicles in its class.

Ride & Handling: Not much different to the Spec B in my opinion though the larger vehicle/mass during spirited driving can be felt. My expectations are tempered by driving a vehicle that comes with stiffer Bilstein shocks and coils accordingly.

Summary: My ownership experience has not waned and I still draw great satisfaction from owning/driving this vehicle.

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2010 Subaru Liberty 2.5i GT Premium Review Review
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