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2010 Subaru Impreza R (AWD) review

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We bought our Subaru impreza sedan around 18 months ago. We initially went to the local Honda Dealership with the intention to buy a 2010 Honda Accord. As we were waiting for the salesman to get the keys, we noticed the blue Subaru that we were leaning against. We instead took that car for a test drive and was hooked.

Our previous car was a 2003 BA Ford Falcon Futura sedan. It was mechanically sound, with 200,000km on the clock. However, the little things were letting us down; the radio failed, the headlining detached from the roof, the alternator was ruined by a leaking power steering hose, the central locking failed, the boot and bonnet struts also failed, and there was squeaking suspension. It was beyond economic repair - but it was a great touring car though.

The Subaru Impreza is a 5-speed manual. The Bluetooth and USB connectivity is a nice feature, which are two things that our previous Ford Futura didn't have. The visibility from the driver's seat in the Subaru is really good, allowing you to see right over the bonnet. The rear seats fold down for easy access to the boot and to increase its cargo space. We have had two recall notices since purchasing the Impreza; one for the airbags, and the other for the rear brake lights.

I also find Subaru's service costs are way higher than at the Toyota dealership where we normally service our cars. Also, nice try to up-sell me wiper blades, and an engine and cabin filter for $250. The wipers were fine, and I got the filters online for a fraction of the price and fitted them myself. In future, it will be going to the Toyota dealership.

The Subaru had 120,000km on the clock when we bought it. Since then, it has been to Canberra twice, Melbourne many times, and to Toowoomba, Brisbane and Dubbo. We had hoped that fuel economy would be better than the Ford, but no, it's not as good as we thought it would be. I also note the speedo is way out, as when I set cruise control to 110km/h it's actually doing 102km/h.

Bad points are the road noise, its oil consumption, and the fuel economy. Road holding is awesome and the sporty performance is great. It fits four adults just fine.

So all up, we love our baby Subi, and it will be in our lives for sometime to come. However they could make the road noise less intrusive, and oil consumption is high, the ford never used as much oil as this one.

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