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2010 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI Elegance Review

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I have travelled over 100,000kms in my 2010 125 Diesel Superb. To the uninitiated I simply describe it as an Audi A6 in disguise at a fraction of the cost.

It has travelled in most Australian States and is a brilliant cruiser on the Nullarbor run. Fuel economy never falters, varying between 4.9 and 5.6 at 100km with airconditioning running.

I read reviews of upgraded audio systems costing $3-$10,00 more in other cars - in the Superb Elegance it is standard, brilliant for classical music.
I don't understand why VW Australia has not marketed these cars better, as it demolishes the VW Passat and even Audi in every department for less money.

Paint and trim choice make the car. Mine is a factory ordered black with beige trim and carpets and looks a million. Why VW/Skoda have deleted beige leather for Australia when NZ and all its prestige competitors offer it, I do not know.

What's in a name? I would not hesitate to buy another and am looking forward to the new Mark III model in 2016.

It is simply the best car I have ever owned - and that is over 30! There are now 4 Superbs amongst our family and friends

To anyone looking at a Mercedes C Class, BMW 3 or 5 Series or an Audi A4, A5 or A6, take a look at Skoda Supeb. When you raise the bonnet must of the plumbing bears the Audi logo - it is just the stamp on the top of the rocker cover that is different.