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2010 Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI review

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Had our white Skoda Octavia Scout for six years.

Why would you not buy a diesel? Great performance from the 2.0 litre TD. I have averaged 87km/h over 420km to average 4.7L/100km. That's hard to beat in anyone's book. This is a six-speed manual with plenty of overtaking capabilities, more than we expected from a 2.0-litre motor.

It has great interior space and good load area. The ability to remove the rear squabs helps as well. There are good lights in the rear area as well which is a bonus as we quite often have a car fridge with us.

It has only ever required the annual service. Considering it's only required once a year, it's not hard on the pocket, with one set of fairly pricy wipers all round in that time, not available at your local auto parts retailer. Local VW dealer does a great job and I have not required a return visit after a service.

I would like to see slightly smaller wheels but taller tyres for a bit more road clearance, and definitely get rid of the Pirellis that were originally fitted. They are so noisy. As we live in the country, a decent set of mud flaps would definitely be an advantage. More choice of interior trim colours could go a long way to reduce interior heat buildup and help reduce chemicals released in the vehicle. Even on an average day the black dash really heats up.

Overall we are very happy with the purchase and the performance.

We can't wait for the Kodiaq. I'll have the lime green one, please.