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2010 Peugeot RCZ 1.6T Review

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I bought a 2010 rcz with 16000 kms but realised the engine sounded like a diesel when cold on starting. There was also a grinding noise coming from the front end . I took the car to 2 Peugeot dealerships only to be told there was nothing wrong with the car.

I took it to a third dealer who after several visits discovered that an engine mount had cracked . I was told that Peugeot Australia has a policy that they will not allow the dealerships to order parts in unless they are sure that it will remedy the fix .

The mechanic had to canabalise a new car and place the engine mount in my car then take it out and order a new one in when he was able to show that was the problem . The part had to be flown in as they Peugeot Australia don't carry all parts here this meant my car was off the road for weeks .

The mechanic was able to define that a large part if the engine noise they replaced the timing chain and tensioner however the engine still rattled when cold . At 36000 kms the car broke down due to an issue with the turbo charger it was replaced no charge to me as I was smart enough to purchase an extended new car warranty as I knew I was in for more grief.

At 42000 kms the Zupps service department was able to pinpoint the noisy engine was caused by the oil pump which I'm still waiting to be repaired after over 2 weeks in the service deptment . If you want trouble free motoring do not purchase a peugeot under any circumstances they are poorly engineered and the service repair difficulties are infuriating . The only emotion I've had from owning a Peugeot is regret . John