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2010 Peugeot 308 CC Review

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Please note, this is a woman's review so don't expect to read technical jargon. Never owned a French car before, previously had VW beetle, Ford escort and Mitsubishi Pajero io for 10 years.

Decided to have a complete change and buy a convertible, however, had no idea of what to buy until one day I happened to see a full page advertisement for this car when it was released here in 2009.

As soon as I saw it I immediately fell for it, purely based on its looks.This model Peugeot was made for us females and I'm pretty sure you will not see any guys driving this car.I decided to buy the diesel version not for any particular reason and I to say I have not been disappointed in my choice.

Fuel economy is very good, probably because on a day to day basis I do not drive in heavy traffic. I have done quite a bit of highway driving and I suppose this is where the diesel engine excels, Sydney to Bellarine Penisula in Victoria on less then one tank.The engine is really zippy, immediate response once your foot touches the accelerator,therefore this makes the car real fun to drive around town and of course out on the open road.

With roof down, you do not need to wear a scarf on cold days because there is vent in the seat that blows warm air around your neck, brilliant idea.So far in 5 years of ownership I have not had reliability issues or mechanical problems.Happy with my purchase.