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2010 Nissan 370Z review

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I had owned the stunning Nissan 370Z for a very short time. It had always been a car of choice in the current markets against the Mazda MX-5, Toyota GT86, along with the Subaru BRZ. I believe it was aimed for the entry-level sports car market for car enthusiasts and people who’re loyal to the brand. It’s iconic in its shape, design, and performance, however it begs the question: Can you really live with it, since it's a ‘sports car?’

My very answer to this is Yes.... well that is if you don’t mind the huge rear blind spot(s) and the fact it’s strictly a 2-seater only. Not only this, but the utilisation of space, or lack thereof, is very poor. The cup holder is in the wrong spot (so it's terrible when needing to shift gears) and there are too many places for money and your phone to fall into, making them hard to retrieve.

That’s a thumbs down for me! However, the boot is clever because they rethought the idea from the previous 350Z. You do have a surprisingly decent amount of boot space, all things considered, and there is even a full-size spare wheel. Although, don’t bother trying to fit long or medium to large size boxes in as they will not fit.

On the performance side of things it feels real punchy and torque is apparent real early. The engine does make more power as you hit the higher rev range and the engine purrs. What is unfortunate is that it is also very quiet. A little too quiet for such a vehicle with some serious street credibility.

It looks great from a distance and just as good up close with many dials to see. The “bedside” alarm clock-looking digital time in one of the gauges is terrible and extremely outdated. I believe better use of that circle could have been done by Nissan, but regardless the interior still has a great finish. Everything feels firm, with soft touches on the doors. Nothing feels like it’s going to fall off.

Cosmetically, the first generation of the Z34’s look best with the later-optioned 19-inch RAYS engineered wheels. They look amazing and really suit it better than the boring 18’s. The 235’s in front and 275’s in rear really grab the road until you hit high RPMs around a corner. Then all it wants to do is go sideways! It's a lot of fun at the end of the day!

My last things to say is don’t bother trying to get good fuel economy... with the 72-litre tank you’re lucky to hit 550-580km’s.... then again you don’t buy this sort of vehicle for fuel economy!

So, a big thumbs up from me to the car nuts, and huge thumbs down to the daily owner who has no interest in taking it to a track or spirited drive for the weekend. Why not go treat yourself to an amazing piece of Japanese engineering!