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2010 Mitsubishi Triton Glx Review

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Researched a fair bit and ended up getting this for a good price and 120K on the dial. Around town I've averaged about 9.5L/100 km and then up the Hume freeway at 110kmh the fuel gauge only hit half way at the 400km mark which I thought was pretty good mileage.

I have the 4x2 which offroads well and can easily pull a horse float. The spacious interior is great as well and in cabin noise is minimal even though I'd read it wasn't that great. That's why I was surprised. You can easily have a conversation and have the radio going with out the turbo diesel motor annoying you.

The space at the back is normal without being cramped. I always wish for more space but it doesn't lose our to its competitors.

I've had the car for 3 weeks now which isn't a long time but I've given it a fair hit out in that time and I can't anything major that really irks me.