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2010 Mitsubishi Pajero Platinum Edition Review

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OK. I am an older (62), owner who wanted a suitable cross purpose medium sized part time capable 4WD. Purchased it new in October 2010 and have just exceeded 72,000 kilometers.

Apart from a recent general recall for all current shape Pajeros' to replace a possibly weak belt tensioner pulley, I have had zero issues. Car has been faultless in its reliability. The engine/transmission/transfer case combination has worked well, producing good low to medium range torque. Fuel economy has been good for a 2.4 tonne (as fitted), vehicle. Registration is about $700 per year and comprehensive insurance (with a number of aftermarket accessories), is a shade over $410 per year.

Sure it is dated and the interior looks a bit dated, but as an older driver, I appreciate the reliability of the vehicle - its controls are large and easy to manipulate - you do not need to take your eyes off the road after a while because you can feel where everything is. The seats look uncomfortable, but i am 6'3" in the old money and a 700 k trip does not overly fatigue the rump.

The biggest single drawback with this vehicle is the lack of money spent by MM on proper tow ball ratings. The vehicle tows the 3T van limit easily, but it is very difficult to comply with the 180kg tow ball limit. It took very careful selection and some van modifications to achieve the requirements. If the new Ford Everest has a 300kg tow ball limit attached to its 3T van limit (yet to be revealed), Pajero sales will likely nosedive for the lack of foresight in imposing a proper rating. Prados will go the same way.

Anyway - enough of the gripe factor - this Paj goes anywhere I point it and it keeps up with Patrols and Landcruisers in most of the rough stuff. Its highway manners are far better than either of those two. The move to hybrids and 8 speed trannies and 2 litre motors without part time drive will see the value of these 4WDs increase when people realise that the new stuff is not really up to OZ conditions.

But please get rid of that new AD - Pajero owners think it is pretty "pink" if you get the drift.