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2010 Mitsubishi Outlander LS Review

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We bought this car just before the arrival of our boy so practicalities and comfort were high on the priority list. This family car is mainly driven by my wife which has seen it carting the prams, nappy bags, toys or just the weekly grocery shopping with plenty of room to spare. We find the split tail gate particularly handy lowering the load entry height when you need to move something heavy into the boot. The rear seats can fold away giving you more room for that Ikea purchases.

Engine is a little on the light side about 120 kw given the size of the car which is only slightly smaller than the territory! The ride is quite cushioned probably due to the tuning of the suspension. The handling is not exact and there is a fair bit of roll but nothing that would cause discomfort.

If technology and connectivity is important for you, then the dash will seem dated to you. We didn't get the bluetooth connectivity but we get the usb port to play music off iPod/iPhone. There is of course no inbuilt sat-nav for this entry level model. The same goes for the hard plastic inside which cant compete with the soft plastic.

We did however load it up with 6 air bags and a rear parking sensor. The standard offering was just 2 air bags from Mitsubishi but the dealer was accommodating.

Overall a very reliable family car that's not missed a beat. Fuel consumption around 10L/100km with 50% highway.