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Excellent car. I bought it instead of Outlander XL and happy I did so.

Despite smaller trunk, the car swallows whaterver luggage you throw at it. In all other aspects ASX is a better bargain - interior quality, features, smarter looks.

The only complaint is suspension getting rough on light offroad, but Mitsu claims it fixed this for 2012 models.

The car looks and feels sporty, so even 2.0-litre seems slow, although it's not at all! (9.5 sec to 100). Mitsu should really think about turbo version.

Till that happy moment I recommend chip-tuning the engine - ASX starts to feel what it should - real smart and sporty.

Buy this car if you like Mitsu's savage style, these cars are a bit rough and uncivilized, but have spirit and worth every penny.