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For the "reasonably priced car" the mazda 2 doesn't entirely come close to something reasonable for the price.

Yes you get in it & the seats hug the curves of your buttocks but once you turn that ignition key it feels like a bit of a letdown.

Reversing in the 2 is mediocre because of the bad visibility & the fact that you feel like your sometimes reversing a rather large sedan.

Once you switch to drive however the ride becomes more reasonable, going around curves doing 70km/h it feels like a little rally cart up for almost anything.

The head room isn't exactly roomy & would be more for ladies that aren't very tall - sure you don't want room to stretch your arms out but if you ever feel like it unfortunately the 2 just doesn't have that roominess of say a mazda 3.

Unlike its 2012 sibling the 2012 model does not feature cruise control, blue-tooth or even isn't on the new model - 2 extra cup holders! What it does give however is a smooth drive (except for the road you are on, based on pot holes of course)

The Mazda2 Neo is reasonable for the pricing, the normal Mazda 2 Neo will set you back $16,990 but adding automatic transmission takes that up to $18,990 which if you are going to pay that you may as well get the top of the line variant.

On the plus side however, at least mazda have had the courtesy of changing the styling form the boring old box mazda 2 to the newer stylish model - Buyers will not be disappointed with the drive, they will however be disappointed in the lack of features not available on base models that ultimately bump the price up past small sized car budgeting.