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2010 Mazda 6 Classic Review

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My 2010 Mazda 6 sedan with its six speed manual transmission is an excellent all round package. The 2.5 litre engine is very willing and moves swiftly through the gears with the engine never really sounding stressed. The gearbox has short precise throws.

The ride and handling are excellent striking a great balance. The interior is a class act feeling more up market than its price point suggests. All the usual connectivity is there and works very well and is simple to use. One absence is a USB port but the sound system gives a crisp sharp sound and the steering wheel controls work well. The main speedo and tachometer are easily read especially at night but the minor gauges become lost next to the main gauges and can be hard to read. One gets the feeling you are having to look from behind a pillar.

On the driving side the car comes together as a whole with every component working in sync. While the torque is not in the diesel class, I never felt worried about pulling into traffic.
There are a couple of points that need mentioning, one is the absence of reverse parking sensors or a camera and the other is so-so headlights with inadequate high beam. I will be upgrading them

Another downside is the intrusion of tyre noise on an otherwise quiet cabin.

Perhaps it's the style or the engineering or the quality of workmanship or the whole package but Mazda has produced a car that puts a smile on my face every time you drive it. Quality at an affordable price. And yes it's a manual.