Owner Review

2010 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport

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We bought our Mazda 3 when we needed to upgrade with baby number two on the way. Despite everyone telling us that we must get a four-wheel-drive if we have two kids, we found that this car has more than enough room.

We can easily fit two baby seats in the back without having to move the front seats forward, while the boot will take a pram, shopping and lots of other items.

It has all the mod cons you could ask for and I love the dual-zone climate control and the built -in sat-nav. Other great features include the Bluetooth and the ability to play music direct from my smart phone. The six-stack CD player means you can have a variety of your own music, and the kid's, on hand ready to go. All of the controls are on the steering wheel, minimising distractions when driving.

We got a great deal on the car second hand and with its terrific fuel economy – much better than a 4WD – it's the perfect family car for us.