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2010 LOTUS ELISE R Review

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The Lotus Elise is a rare sight on the roads and to most people seems like an impractical toy for track days and weekend drives. In its stock form you are sitting only inches away from the ground with relatively stiff suspension and a high revving Toyota sourced 4 potter with an efficient power band. But if you are a true car enthusiast that is after a raw driving experience in a car that handles great then a Lotus Elise may fit the bill.

I have owned several vehicles from a Mitsubishi Evolution X to a Nissan 370Z and yet each time I sat in the driver’s seat of the somewhat underpowered Lotus Elise with near to no luxury or comfort of my former vehicles, it still made me happier than any other vehicle I have owned in the past.

Although the Lotus has a small capacity engine its power to weight ratio aids in how much fun it is in the real world. The sensation of speed is greater than most cars due to how low you are to the ground and how bare bones the car is.

For 2014 the (S3) Lotus Elise S with its supercharged engine is a fantastic choice for those looking at a new Lotus but even the N/A Lotus Elise’s on offer in the second hand market are great options for a relatively good price. The one to buy is either the Lotus Elise R with its higher revving 2ZZ engine or the Lotus Elise SC with its supercharged engine.

If you are after a great handling sports car for the weekend where you can take the soft top off that can be taken to the odd track day you will not be disappointed in a Lotus Elise or any variant of the Lotus range. Sacrifice some comfort and luxury for an exhilarating drive which also looks stunning on the outside.