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2010 Kia Grand Carnival Platinum Review

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And there we have it...the perfect family hauler. its big both in and out. inside there is enough room 8 adults. 8 adults! the leg room, and head height room is just enormous. it is also extremely comfy, which means, that you can travel for very a very long distance trip, and never really get a sore backside! you literally don't!

The kids are chuffed to bits with the Carnival, basically because of the sheer space inside. the performance isn't the best off the line, with a 2.9 TDI with 134 kW and 343 Nm, but with around 8.0L/100km, you can very easily whip out 850+kms out of a tank of diesel.

The engine is coupled to a 5 speeder with tip tronic, which is relatively smooth. we bought the Kia brand new for $48,990, which is very cheap for the amount of gear/kit that you get. the interface/audio system, maybe a little dated, but for some reason, it has got one of the best sounding/clearest speaker system I have ever come across.

With two massive factory speakers in the very back row, the music or whatever you're playing can be heard clearly in every corner of the car. its just fantastic!

When buying this car we where looking for a vehicle which occupied the needs of the family, but also keeping it economical. and that is just what Kia has done. its a very like-able economical family hauler ready for anything that you will throw at it. actually it really is! a few weekends ago we packed the car with camping kit and headed. part of our trip involved tackling a muddy track with pot holes, and puddles.

Now with our Kia, which probably weighs the best part of 2.1 tonnes, I just had to floor it through all the boggy stuff. And what do you know? we pulled through as if it wasn't there! (apart from the bouncy pot-holes!). I thought we would honestly get stuck, but with a lot of gutsy torque coming from low down, it seemed very easy! And yes the Kia was extremely muddy after that trip!

Another thing that I noticed on our trip was that none of the family was moaning about having sore rumps!!! we were quite pleased with the seating layout, and more importantly...the comfort.

I think Kia has really hit gold with the Carnival. you can see it with the 2015 model, it just looks great, and retains all the cabin space, and comfort.