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2010 Hyundai i30 Slx Review

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I’m writing about my experience of owning a 2010 Hyundai i30 Hatch. After much research being done, the car was chosen as it had won multiple awards such as Car of the Year.

After test driving the i30 we finally made a decision to purchase the 2.0 Automatic SLX (mid-range luxury model) which came with features such as auto climate control, fog lights and cruise control.

The problem with the car began when we drove it back home. The car ride was extremely bumpy that my wife felt sick sitting in the front passenger seat. Later on, to confirm this, I swapped places with my wife and we both felt it from our seat. We could practically feel every bump and unevenness of the road.

Plus, it was swaying from a lot as we drove .Over the years, we tried wheel balancing and alignment, regular tyre pressure checks, replacing the tyres with from different maker and reporting this at every service but to no avail.

Three years down the road, we started experiencing difficulty with the i30 in gaining speed when taking off at the traffic lights. It struggles to get from 0 to 40km/h with the engine speed revving up to 5000 rpm, to the point where it almost stalled, a rare occurrence in auto transmission cars.

We took it to our service centre where we purchased the car and reprogrammed the auto transmission software (nothing mechanical was done). It was fine until a few k’s later when it started to over revving again…the problem wasn’t resolved at all.

We then complained that the car was still over revving and they asked us to bring it in and they claim that they’ve programmed it again, but the ride back home proved that the problem still existed.

Then we had to take the car in for a brake light switch recall and we decided to switch to another Hyundai dealership service centre. They fixed the brake light and they took in the car and diagnosed the high revving issue and it turned to be we had to replace the transmission (thankfully it was still under warranty).

After that it was smooth sailing as far as transmission and revving was concern but when the car was returned to us, the air conditioning seemed noisier and the car remains bouncy and swaying. On these issues, nobody could help us, As usual; we tried as per their suggestion to check the tyre pressures, wheel alignment etc. Which did not help.... Not impressed doesn't live up to so called Car of The Year award.