Owner Review


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This is my first Honda.

I looked at the Holden, Mazda and Corolla but the roomy feel and the engine performance plus it is a Honda so I expect a better level of performance and reliability than these others.
It seems to have plenty of power for a 1.8-litre engine. Accelerates really well.

Fuel economy is great, about 7L/100km. On the highway I get around 600Km on a tank.

The harsher ride gives more handling so it understandable.

I bought a manual because it was $1500 cheaper with one less computer to worry about.

The VSA (stability control) feature works great.

I like things simple so this car appealed to me. The more gadgets the more things to go wrong.

Servicing so far is about $260 for 10,000km and the same for the 20K service. No timing belts to replace or check.

Overall if you just want a car that is simple, reliable and handles well this is the car for you.