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OK... I'm biased... but there is a good reason for that. I have had 6 Honda Accords over the last 11 years and I have replaced nothing due to failure... not even a light bulb.

Apart from brake pads, wiper blades, oil and coolant the cost of maintenance has just been the routine services. And those are very reasonably priced, so the overall experience with Honda over more than a decade has been stellar.

Economy is good, and when you need a bit of pace, the engine is willing to meet your needs again and again, helped in no small part by the world's best manual gearbox.

Ride is excellent and well controlled in corners. The new electric steering might be a bit numb, but unless you're Mark Skaife it isn't going to effect your drive.

Rear seat entry access (according to my mother in law) is tight, but not uncomfortable once seated, but definitely a better 4-seater than a 5-seater if its all adults.

Would I buy another Honda? Yes, but I must admit, they may need to start thinking about efficiency with everyday performance (read 'low down torque') and economy to match their competitors... and that means turbocharging.

Honda has always been skewed towards normal aspiration. I hope they haven't missed the boat on this... I'm a little scared about changing brands considering Honda's stellar quality has served me so well.