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2010 Holden Cruze CD Review

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Just reached 90,000 kms and transmission needs replacing. Spends more time in the workshop since 50,000kms on the clock.

Should have been recalled as a dud and not allowed on the market. A waste of my money and time. Probably the reason Holden closing in Aus. It,s only good point is the comfortable drive and holds the road well. Great car to look at but under the bonnet a rubbish engine. Holds the road well and a pleasure to drive, comfortable and great seats. Pity about the numerous engine faults though.

It would be an amazing vehicle if it had better engine. When u get a dud its an almighty dud.

Can chew a big hole in your money bag and your time! Many days wasted taking it for constant repairs and issues with the car engine! You can tell when the people at the service desk cannot bear to look you in the eye. They would by now know that this car is a lemon/dud by my numerous visits. Nobody says anything when you there every week or when I am on first name terms with the tow truck driver who is regularly taking it to the dealership.

They know. I can almost sense "you poor lady with the rubbish car" . They fix and it breaks again and again. Different issues every time. What must a consumer do? Who can tell me? Is it ok for a car to have a lifespan of 5 years and just over 90,000 on the clock. My Cruze story ends here and begins with Toyota soon.