Owner Review


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I’m sure there are more economical ways to get around, but the smile the 6 litre V8 under the hood of this Ute puts on my face every time I turn the key or push the loud pedal cannot be had from just any car.

I have fitted an X-Force exhaust to this car, which really enhances the V8 note without annoying the neighbours.....too much. The way it crackles on over run and the burble at low rpm is enough for me to find any excuse for a lap around the block!

Driving this car, it’s hard to believe it is a ute, the ride is, although firm, very comfortable as it irons out most bumps on the road, turn in is extremely sharp and direct.

The overall impression of the car is that it is incredibly well balanced. The clutch pedal isn’t too heavy; the gear shift feels tight and well weighted also.

Inside the leather seats are very supportive, and quite comfortable, add in the cruise control, factory sat nav, and climate control, and not a bad stock stereo, this is a comfortable long distance tourer. It eats up the miles, chugging along around 1700rpm in top gear at highway speeds.

As a working vehicle, the SS will handle most loads; I’ve had about half a tonne in the back, no worries. The hard cover can be a bit of a pain when loading, but is easily removed by two people if it needs to be. The car also tows well, (it doesn’t know when I have the ski boat hooked on the back) and the reverse camera makes hooking up a trailer a breeze.

I am overall very happy with this Ute; it’s quick, comfortable and can still be loaded up and put to work.