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2010 Ford Ranger XLT Review

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I recently bought this 2010 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD. So far I am very impressed with the driving dynamics and the general brute grunt and capability of the Ranger. It has a 3.0-litre TDCI engine which is pretty much faultless, I have chipped it taking it from 115kW and 380Nm to 140kW and 470Nm. And that has really allowed me to take on heavy duty tracks and loads. I had this model up against the Toyota HiLux, Mazda BT-50, and Mitsubishi Triton, but the Ranger just stood up every single time.

When buying this vehicle, I wanted something that could be thrown about but get you back home in one piece. The HiLux was almost a waste of time because of the rubbish power, the Triton wasn't far off being second choice, but the only real threat was the BT-50 - the Ranger's sister ute. It didn't really appeal (as in looks), and for some reason (could be just that particular model) it rode a bit 'funny'. It was a little too stiff and the bumps just made things worse.

Having this ute is also practical. My wife can drive the kids to school in it, you can take it shopping, and its not massive! It's nice and nimble thanks to the ECU chip, which has made our Ranger a ute hard to better.

Fitted with optional sports bars and a hard lid, it looks like a real machine with adaptations for the off-road types.