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2010 Ford Fpv F6 Review

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I bought my FPV F6 310 after it had done service as a dealer finance directors car. The first registered owner at 8900 km.

From day one I loved the understated looks in Edge over black, it's performance on trips yet docile nature around town. I fitted a Hollandia sunroof otherwise it was left factory. I drive 40,000 km per year, and after three years decided it was time to move it on.

Fuel consumption around town and its appetite for Dunlop SP Sports was high from uneven tyre wear - This was subsequently fixed by fitting Goodyear tyres. Servicing costs have never been much above the capped price services, diff bushes at 140k, brakes rotors and pads every 50k are the exception to anything other than Ford normal servicing costs.

However with high k's it was valued very low as a trade in - less than $20k. Then my wife said she wanted it as a replacement from her 2009 Honda Accord Euro. Below 2500 rpm it drives like a Falcon 6 although connected to the road through the FPV suspension. Above 2500 the Torque of the engine propels the car forward.

We both feel safe in the car - it stops well, handles well, overtakes effortlessly. We love the way it drives, I now have a BMW 528 2013, on a trip though the FPV is my pick.

Six years after my original purchase the only thing that would convince me to sell it would be the purchase of an XR6 Sprint. A well balanced performance car with day to day running costs of a family Sedan.