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2010 Ford Fiesta Lx Review

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After 12 months of driving an FG XR6 Falcon I was ready for a change. Had just moved to the city and was after a runabout that was economical but still fun to drive.

Test drove the Toyota Yaris. So boring it nearly put me to sleep. The Mazda 2. Even then it was starting to get dated.

Then tried the Ford Fiesta Diesel Sedan. It was a fantastic little car that had plenty of guts and was a hoot to drive. Put down the deposit then and there and picked it up 2 days later.

3 years on it has been a fantastic little car. It was one of the first to come out of the Thailand factory but is very well build. No rattles or squeaks. Have now done 65000kms and is as good as the day I bought it.

For a light car it has an absolutely massive boot. The gooseneck hinges impede a little on what you can put in it and the opening between the boot and the seats is on the smaller side but overall is very functional.

The diesel engine is quite torquey and I often find myself having to put on the brakes to slow down.

I have averaged 5.2 l/100km's which is a mixture of heavy city and highway driving.

The multimedia unit is great. May look a bit tacky but is very easy to use and has all the features that most people need.

The interior is mostly hard plastics but they're durable enough.

Had a few issues which were all replaced under warranty; the clutch went at 15000kms, the dashboard and fuel gauge stopped working and the steering wheel had to be replaced due to the rubber perishing, but the Ford dealer were always quick to fix them up.

Servicing is on the higher side but one side is Fords capped price servicing includes 12 months roadside assistance.
Overall I am very happy with this car and would recommend it for anyone as a cheap runabout.