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2010 Ford Fiesta Econetic Review

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I purchased my ECOneti two months ago as I travel over 100km most days and fuel economy was my main concern .

The specs say 3.2lt per 100km hwy and 3.7lt combined . The best I can get is between 4 and 4.4 lt per 100km combined and most of my commutes are country hwy roads .

The fuel economy specs are misleading unless you don't go over 80kmh . Traveling faster than 80kmh reduces fuel economy and if it's a hot day with ac on forget it . It's still amazing fuel economy but the specs are not real world specs . The 3.2lt per 100km would only be possible if not traveling faster than 80kmh on a dead flat road with a tail wind .

Other than that I love the ford ECOneti as its got plenty of get up and go even up a steep incline and handles amazingly . It's a little noisy on ruff roads but that's not a huge issue . Iv gone from $320 a month to $80 a month in fuel costs so mission accomplished .

The only real criticism is that the cruise control can and will cause the car to jerk when going down a hill as the manual transmission doesn't absorb any overspeed and being a diesel the high compression of the engine tries to slow the car and the cruise control tries maintain the selected speed . It's sort of like engine bounce but the only thing you can do is feather the accelerator or disengage the cruise control.