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2010 Ford Falcon XT Review

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I purchased my XT Falcon sedan 3 years ago, it had 19000kms on the clock then, it has almost 119,000kms now, and has been faultless, all I have done is put a new battery in it and tyres and replaced the front disc pads (pads only) at 100,000kms. And serviced regularly of course.

This is a fantastic car, power to burn, mine has the 17" alloys on it from the factory with wide tyres, it handles like a dream, I tow with it, its a bit heavy on fuel when towing, but what isn't, and I find the best way to drive it when towing on the highway is to put the cruise on 90km per hr and isn't too bad on fuel.

I love the interior space, the control screen, the air con is great, corners great, the handling at speed on country roads is second to none, I have owned many cars over my 40 years of driving, of all breeds, and many Euro cars too, this is easily the best car I have ever owned for handling, performance, value, reliability.

In my opinion, this car is far superior to the crappy imports we are now being forced to buy, from Korea and China and Japan, and to me it is a tragedy that Ford is discontinuing the Falcon due to Aussies not being interested or patriotic enough to support the local car industry, and like everything, people will cry after it is gone, but it will be too late, they should have realised and supported it when they had it.

THE FALCON FG IS TRULY A WORLD CLASS CAR, and I know, because unlike all you expert critics, I have driven this one for 100,000 untroubled kms, not for 5 minutes, and I still love to get in it and DRIVE, it is an absolute pleasure to drive !!! RIP Falcon, the great Aussie Road Car !!!