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2010 Citroen DS3 Dstyle Review

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I've just said goodbye to my DS3 and hello to my C4 Cactus so I thought it was time to write a little thank you to it. I loved my DS3. Stylish from tip to toe - the red roof was matched with a red dash, red side mirrors, red alloy wheel inserts and a red key fob. LED daytime lights, Bluetooth audio streaming and a (partially) digital instrument cluster were all standard before many other cars particularly in this class and size.

This small car could still comfortable fit four adults (albeit not on long trips) and it's air conditioner was the best I've ever experienced. Driving up the Princes Fwy in Vic, with 2 adult passengers on a 44 degree day and it would be teeth chatteringly cold.

The 4 speed auto was old even then but was smooth and did the job nicely. The engine was gutsy and useful around town, if not the turbo experience offered by the Dsport model. Fuel economy was decent especially on E10 fuel. It had a firm suspension but handled beautifully. The cabin's fit and finish were very high end and faultless, the stereo was exceptional.

Much is said about French cars and often it isn't particularly flattering, but this was my first French car and my first Citroen and I can tell you it won't be my last. Not so much as a loose panel, errant vibration or engine hiccup in it's near 6 years with me. Servicing was cheaper than my German made Ford Fiesta that I had before this. I don't know if this is common but it's factory tyres lasted just over 70,000kms which seemed amazing to me.

I wasn't as kind to it as I should have been, it was almost exclusively parked in the elements, I didn't wash it enough and it was certainly my workhorse and pack mule but it never complained. I hope it's next owner loves it as much as I.