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2010 Audi Rs6 Avant Review

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I was always a huge fan of Audi's RS models. (Still am) The Quattro rally car was the car to have back in my day, and most of my mates who were into that type of fun had one.

But now things have past and it's time for Audi's flagship's to shine. My wife and I purchased this 2010 Audi RS6 Avant in 2011 with 9k on the clock. After test driving a range of other speedy wagons, we decided that the RS6 was a all-round winner. With everyday practicality and reliability it really is something special.

with a massive boot, it allows you to pack up a surprising amount of kit and head bush. And you actually can go outback because of Audi's fantastic AWD/Quattro system.

The RS6 has a Lamborghini powered V10 with 426kW and 550Nm. that's enough power to boost you from 0-100kph in 4.6 seconds. and then there's the sound! Oh my! it really is something to behold. You get shunted back into your sports styled racing seats, and then everything becomes a blur. you simply don't understand why Audi has shoe-horned a V10 into a station wagon. I think it's for pure exhilaration and experiencing the best comfort when it really gets up and goes. when we bought it, it was currently the most powerful and fastest wagon on planet earth. The E63 AMH wagon was nipping at its heels in this particular category.

The Audi is both ferociously fast and very nice to sit in. the leather seats are a treat to be placed in and you never get sore on during the long haul. It is thirsty (it is a Lambo engine) so we can average about 550kms from a tank with city driving.

Overall I am very pleased with my choice of car, it narrowly beats the E63 AMG and in the process takes you on a journey of a life time.