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2009 Volkswagen Tiguan 147 TSI Review

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Since purchasing a Tiguan 147 TSI I have had mixed experiences with it. It is a relatively comfortable highway cruiser (a main reason for its purchase), has quite a luxurious interior, but once its warranty period expired it has cost over $3,000.00 in electronics repairs which a VW service adviser told me 'were par for the course'!!

The car suddenly stopping in Sydney's peak hour traffic on more than one occasion with an electronics issue is quite scary. 5 visits to the VW dealer looks to have it sorted, my wallet is thinner for the experience.

It's 4WD system works extremely well, but has developed the all too common leaking front diff seal. It's reasonably good on fuel and careful driving keeps fuel consumption down.

It's front seat heaters are great, but the electric driver's seat is useless as it has no memory function. The tray tables in the rear seem like a good idea, but are too slippery to be used on the move and make access to the seat pockets, when folded down, very difficult.

As it turns out it is a great car for my wife as it gives a belter view compared to our other cars, but the boot can't hold a full weeks worth of groceries!

So from now on when I need to visit my daughter in country NSW I take my 16 year old 9-5 Saab wagon, with greater comfort and reliability and much better handling on our country roads, but I have to make sure my wife has done the weeks grocery shopping with it before I leave.