Owner Review


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In 2006 we purchased our first VW Golf and when it was time to trade we had no hesitation to buy another Golf. VWs are renowned for good resale value but it took a lot of work to get a fair trade in price for our imaculate condition Golf.

The new 118TSI was around 1 litre/100Km better than the previous model 2.0 litre. Our car's are used mainly for long runs to Adelaide etc and the Golf excels at this type of travel.

The DSG took a little time to get used to especially when reversing and trying rapid take offs from a standing start to fill a gap in the traffic. The cost of servicing is a pain in the wallet compared to most comparable cars with a 30,000km service quoted at nearly $600.00.

The fit and finish on the Golf is to a high standard but the interior looks a little austere at first.

Radios seem to be a problem for VW. Our first Golf radio needed replacing because of pathetic performance and now the unit on the new car is on the blink also.

The performance of the 118TSI is stunning for a small car and can cruise comfortably and safely at a decent clip.

We are thinking about trading again and another Golf is high on the list but a new Ford Focus might warrant some interest also.