Owner Review


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I am pleased with handling, acceleration, braking. The interior is good, driver comfort good. Driving is a pleasure on freeway and suburban streets. Grip is good with the supplied tyres although the car has a space saver spare.

I find the seats comfortable and supportive. Alas having push button seat config memory is not available for those with only one car between two.

My only option was bluetooth which is very good. Climate control is good with dual zones (left right rather than front rear). Wipers have a sensor setting which is good but I forget it is on and get a surprise when I next start up.

Luggage capacity is excellent.

Reversing is an issue with restricted rear view and I recommend considering the reversing camera. My damage to the rear bumper resulted in water getting into the spare tyre/luggage area and the paint in the wheel well did not cope - surface rust.

The change 1 to 2 is rough and the program of the engine was changed twice to try and avoid the lean burn damage seen to the engines in this model to no avail, oil started burning at 32k and engine replaced due to failed No2 cylinder 4 months later. VW were very good supplying a rental car during the replacement. The new engine will have a 2 year warranty.

I am keeping the car after replacement as the car is nice to drive and hopefully the new engine will not suffer the same fate. Crossing my fingers about the clutch/DSG.

Car cost around 36K at 3 years 16K as trade in (prior to engine going).