Owner Review


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We wanted to tow a small caravan and carry 4 adults with good economy, plenty of power and low depreciation. This car has more torque, uses less fuel and depreciates less than a V6 Commodore.

It can tow 1300kg which is more than the other small cars and it has more rear seat room than other small cars too. There is plenty of room for 4 adults.

Ride and handling are great. Fuel consumption on a trip at 100 to 110 km/hr is 4.5 L/100km.

Towing an AVan ALiner the fuel consumption was 7.2L/100km over 11,000km.

The only problem in 60,000 km was a rattle in the driver's door which VW fixed. VW servicing costs are high, I get it serviced elsewhere.