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I purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry Altise at the end of 2009. 70,000 kms and 4 years later, it drives and looks exactly the same as when I bought it which is a (mini) testament to its build. I have heard of cases where regularly serviced camry engines lasting more than 500,000 kms.

When compared to the V6 Aurion and falcon/commodore, etc., it does lack in power, especially when we take the large heavy body into account. But having said that there have not been many situations where I needed to be doubtful or wary or mindful of its lack of power, except maybe when overtaking on a hill.

The mileage is a bit disappointing. I usually fill about 56 L, and only get about 450-470 kms about town. But that is most likely due to the heavy air-conditioner use in our hot climate. On the open road, I easily get more than 700 kms out of one tank.

It is quite spacious and comfortable. Five adults can comfortably travel long distances. The boot is big and is able to swallow large amounts of holiday luggage, but the hinges can be intruding.

There is not a lot in terms of technology and connectivity. Not even bluetooth. But no issues with the radio or CD player.

I recently got a tyre and wheel package, changing from the 16" steel wheels to 17" alloys, and from Dunlops to GT Radial. The handling has improved a bit.

I must say I do not like the looks of the current model of camry, the previous generation (my car) looked better. But recent reports of the 2015 camry look to be even better with an overall improvement in aesthetics.