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2009 Skoda Octavia RS 2.0 TSI Review

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I purchased a new 2009 VRS Octavia Wagon DSG turbo petrol brand new in august 2009. I have since done 155000 Kms and have virtually no problem other than a recent engine sensor electronic fault which keeps triggering the EPC alarm and sends the car into limp home mode.

Anyway, love the look of the new 14 car and plan to purchase another DSG petrol wagon when they arrive. Great cars. Skoda has awful distribution locally though. I live on Sydney's lower north shore and will have to buy the next car from trivet in rosebury as the atarmon dealer folded a while ago. Surprised that skoda would not offer any distribution or support to one of the most affluent parts of Sydney .

Btw, my other car is a BMW 3 series and in most respects, particularly performance, the skoda kills it.

For anyone unsure of the DSG, so was I until I drove the car. In fact, I was a dyed in the wool manual guy and actually bought the skoda in DSG to appease my wife who can't drive a stick. It was only after using the paddles a few times that I commandeered the car from her and refused to give it back. I'm not sure if I will ever drive anything but a DSG again.

They really do make manuals seem pointless and autos to slow and it becomes pretty easy to drive around the low speed jerkiness that is often reported. It's a small price to pay for such a great transmission. I can recommend the Octavia VRS turbo DSG to anyone. Not sure if I could recommend it in manual. Drove one once for a day while mine was being serviced, it seemed WAY slower and the gearbox was like rummaging around in a bag of spanners. The again, that was a dealer loaner car so it had probably seen some heavy duty action. God knows it did from me! Good luck