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2009 Nissan X-Trail ST Review

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Over all a good vehicle. However, the clutch failed 1 month after the warranty ran out. Cost nearly $3,000.00 dollars to be replaced- I was not impressed!

Trading it in on Monday for a Subaru Forester CVT as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and changing gears is becoming too hard for me.

The X Trail, is much more comfortable to drive on rough roads than my Toyota High Lux dual cab and the on the fly change to 4x4 is also a great feature. Reasonable fuel consumption and I find the suggested distance until fuel run out gauge is useful.

I found that the speedo location behind the steering wheel a bit annoying, as is the red display. This, however can be dimmed if necessary with no problem. The red colour is hard on the eyes and would be much easier to look at if it were blue or a similar colour.

The Tachometer is useful as it allows you to gauge the gear that will give you the best fuel economy. Plenty of space in the cargo area to carry luggage or take the dog to the vet. However, getting the spare tyre out is a bit of a task, and even worse, is getting the cover back on top of the spare, after changing the tyre. Awkward, to say the least.

Folding the back seats down to give more cargo space is also a pain and I believe there should be a change in design to improve this. My Subaru DL wagon had a much simpler and easier system than the XTrail.