Mitsubishi grandis 2009 vr-x
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2009 Mitsubishi Grandis VR-X review

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This car is amazing. I've had it for seven years and it is awesome. It is really comfortable, and the technology is pretty good considering it was made in 2009.

It has a Mitsubishi Lancer engine in it and is automatic, which is pretty good but manual is better. A great family car for seven people – it is a seven-seater, but with about five people in the car it is perfect. There's a big boot, and with the back seats down you can fit all your shopping. If you have a child you can fit a pram, or you can fit your long-board.

If I were deciding between a Kia Carnival and this car, I would chose this car. I have put an exhaust on my Grandis and it sounds pretty cool. The car looks good as well. It has leather seats because it is the VR-X and is pretty luxurious.

Again, it is a really good family car. It is getting old, but is still really good. Mitsubishi could make a new 2019 Grandis VR-X – just like this, but maybe electric or more spacious. It needs to be just a little bit more spacious – a little bit wider. If this car were built again for 2019, I would buy it. It would make Mitsubishi some money, and would say bye-bye to the Kia Carnival.