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2009 Hyundai i30 Sx 1.6 CRDi Review

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Just bought this car this week for only $7000 - amazing. Only 45k, brand new tyres, just serviced, couple of little marks externally and some stains internally which am still trying to remove, but overall looks and drives fantastic.

The power of the car is unbelievable and the economy just leaves you speechless. Drove from gympie to brisbane and the fuel gauge didnt even move. Very roomy and comfortable for its size. Would be nice to have leather upholstery and curtain airbags but for $7000 ???????? Would have to be the best car Ive ever driven.

Am the type that when I get a good reliable car I keep it forever - 1993 ford 5L LTD 560k, nissan navara 3L turbo diesel 365 k and still going strong - i cant see me parting with my i30 for a long long long time.

This car is just so good. My only advice to Hyundai would be to spec it up even more to make it more luxurious (even if costs more) so that the car would be recognised as the outright best car rather than just the best cheap car.

My only criticism is that the upholstery and the carpet looks very cheap. A car this good deserves so much better. Throw in curtain airbags as well and it would then compete with any brand regardless of price. Everyone, do yourself a favour and get an i30 - especially the turbo diesel. At least drive it and see what you are missing out on.