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2009 HSV Maloo R8 Review

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My experience with HSV is a 0 out of 10 I am afraid extremely difficult company to deal with and resolve any real issues. The rear compartment of my Maloo has leaked like a river. HSV didn't want to know about and referred me to some very small print in their glossy catalogue. I can't even go out bush and throw my swag in the back..laughing out loud.

The lock on the rear compartment has never worked despite being sent back under warranty 3 or 4 times. The plastic sails behind the cabin lifted off and although they were replaced the colour match has never been achieved despite several attempts.

Generally speaking the mechanical side of the vehicle has been great I must admit after fitting a cold air intake and tweaking the motor a little we were able to lift the the output from 317 to around 355.

My overall conclusion is that I will never buy another HSV MV. I would have a new one now, if their service was better, however I have decided to keep this one, primarily because despite the problems with the HSV side of the MV it's still looks better than whatever is coming second
I was also extremely dissatisfied with their (HSV) exclusive dealership here in the ACT at the time of purchase. They of course were a large part of the problems I had with the vehicle. The colour match to the car was a dismal effort on their part having been sent back around 3 to 4 times and it's still not right to this day.