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2009 HSV Clubsport Review

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Speed, Reliability and a bit of poke at the rear wheels is just the start of the long list that you will find in the 2010 HSV R8 Tourer. With the option for Alcantera genuine Italian leather seating, which only compliments the excellent suspension and steering, the HSV is everything you want in a car.

The key word there being 'want', which brings me to pointing out some disappointing features. The 6.2L V8 that executes an astonishing 317kw roars throughout the cabin, which is perfect (for a bloke and his mates), the legroom in the back will easily fit your three kids, until they get to their teens. The Tourer really isn't the ideal family car which means we should change the way we look at it. With the 20% firmer suspension, it easily counteracts the 1800kgs, plus the G force when you open it up a bit.

The tourer really performs well on the open track, with 0-100 in 5.6 seconds and the ability to stick to the track when its thrown around a corner. Don't worry, its also perfect for highway cruising getting an average of 9l/100km cruising at 110kms (give or take) down the Hume freeway. Although, if 5.6 seconds and 9l/100kms really isn't your thing, then have a look at what Walkinshaw can do for you. The 2.5" butterfly exhaust not only gives the tourer an edge to power, but a nice note complimented by the 6.2l V8. The six speed automatic trimatic gearbox allows for quick shifts and fast takeoffs with the option of competition mode for added adrenaline.

Off the track the Tourer and on the road that tourer sits in a comfortable price bracket starting at $68,600 excluding on road and dealer costs. Adding in the additional Walkinshaw exhaust, cold air intake and alcantera leather seats, you'll have yourself an impressive ego booster for an easy $72,099.

What more does this car have to do?