Holden Commodore Omega
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2009 Holden Commodore OMEGA Review

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I love my Holden it drives so smoothly I sometimes have to look at my speed because it only feels like im going 90 oh so wrong lol. When i was buying the car i was happy to see that it had an aux input, nothing like plugging a phone in or ipod & listening to my favourite jamz.

I have had my car for two years & i have never had any problems or service problems with it, mind you my dad has always strummed it in to all of us "if you take care of your car it will take care of you". My sister had her first ride in my car & she asked me "what's wrong with your car? Why can't i feel bumps? I said because it's a holden, she could not believe how smooth the riding was.

My mum & dad have a ford falcon (dum lol) we go to tauranga alot to stay with family & when we sometimes leave one car home they know it's going to be theirs, mum loves riding in my car she always says that but she'll never say that in front of dad.

When travelling to places i pack like im staying for a week so the boot space is the best. I have only sat in the back of my car once & found that the leg room space is fabulous & i can fit the seatbelt hahaha. I have had awesome feedback from family & friends about the spacious room at the back.

The only thing i would suggest to improve are the doors, they sometimes feel like they"re stuck. Where i live there is a police car like mine so when people see me coming they always slow down, cracks me up. Love my holden will never look at another.