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I always wanted to own a Statesman. After hunting around I was lucky enough to find a new Caprice V8 AFM from a dealer in Sydney (I'm from Brisbane) over the net. The vehicle had been ordered by a limo company who then did not go through with the purchase. Lucky me.

Got the car delivered through a Brisbane dealership for around $18000 less than what the same Brisbane dealership would sell me one for. Their loss obviously.

My dream car is now three years old and has been the family weekend vehicle for that time until now. Had the last warranty service with only 14000km's on the clock. My wife now drives the vehicle for work and has racked up 5000km's in no time flat.

My wife who is not a big car person has found the car a real pleasure to drive and love the endless power the V8 provides. We have not had any problems with this vehicle since we have owned it.

Fuel consumption has not seen endless trips to the service station as some may expect from a large vehicle like this. The Caprice runs better fuel econ than my V6 VZ one tonner. Go figure.

The clunky gear changes at low speed is a bit annoying but the only annoying running factor with this vehicle. Ride, comfort and inclusions are second to none. You won't get half the gear you get in the Caprice even if you were to spend 50% more on a European vehicle that would still be half the size.

Servicing is not expensive and parts are rather cheap. Stick with a local and you will save money, a lot of money, if something does go wrong. I'll stick with my Holden.