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2009 Ford Fpv F6 Review

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I have owned around 20 cars in 4 years including three FG XR6 Turbo's. The FG F6 is the most amazing and reliable car I have owned, the power is ridiculous and the comfort comparing this to say a VE Clubsport it smashes it out of the park; faster, better on fuel, better sound system, lighter and one of the best parts about the F6 are the seats. I have had 5 back operations and the seats are perfect.

Amazing Australian made car! One amazing thing would have to be the Brembo brake upgrade.

Put it up against the latest and perhaps greatest local V8 sports sedan, HSV’s 6.2-litre LS3 GTS, and the F6 is faster, even more dynamically inspired, a touch easier on fuel and a substantial $10,000 cheaper. The F6 requires more respect. Flatten the throttle and it’s like being run down and trampled by a marauding bull. The trick is to avoid a goring.

The in-gear acceleration times tell the story. Our F6 with the new Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual gearbox completes the third-gear 80-120km/h sprint in 3.0sec. That mutilates a 911 Carrera S, BMW M3 or Benz C63 AMG. (Interestingly, one car it doesn’t beat is the F6 with the ZF auto. It storms the increment in just 2.7 seconds.)

This car is essentially a high-boost XR6 Turbo with retuned suspension and 19-inch (rather than 18-inch) Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres. It drives like it, which is a compliment. The front-end is simply superb, the forward-mounted variable-rate steering rack transits with grace from light to meaty the farther off-centre it gets. But a fine grain of feel remains constant. The uprated rear-end offers much as well, but obviously has been charged with a tough job corralling 565Nm. When the inevitable breakaway does come, it’s progressive and fun.