Owner Review


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I truly believe that many have been missing out on this wonderful car...the average Joe hears large V8 or turbocharged and images of hoons spring to mind.

Mores the pity as the Falcon FG Turbo is a wonderful car not only for its performance and handling, but also as a daily commuter and family tourer. With a 10km commute to work and weekends away as mainstay the Falcon has been an absolute pleasure to drive and own.

The good stuff is that it accelerates and corners like some of its +100k European counterparts. It is large and comfortable and fits my family of four (and our luggage) quite comfortably on day long journeys. For a large performance car it isn't too bad at the bowser (keeping in mind sensible use of the right pedal), and servicing costs at the local dealer has been reasonable. The auto transmission is fantastic and driven smoothly is seemless...this from someone who has only ever owned manuals.

The bad stuff is that the car doors and boot clunk rather than thud when closed. The tyres can wear unevenly and attention has to be paid to what you buy...buy expensive and take care of them (alignment, etc.) and you will have better value as time goes by. When the battery gets close to quiting, get it replaced or it will immobilise the car...I learned the hard way.

All in all not much to complain about and lots to love. My recommendation is to give it a test drive...you know you want too and you wont regret it!